Drug of Abuse Testing



Drug of abuse testing @ HQL

Health Quest Laboratories is a pathological diagnostics company focusing on providing drug testing services to employers, offering a comprehensive range of laboratory drug testing services. Health Quest Laboratories has the capability to service its customers in pan India locations. We have the ability to collect urine /hair drug screen specimens form all over India.
We are committed to providing solutions that help you to keep substance of abuse out of your workplace. Health Quest Laboratories is your partner for effective and reliable drug testing, with a full line of drug testing products and services. Health Quest Laboratories believes pre-employment drug screening is the first step to creating a drug-free & highly productive workplace.


Laboratory Drug Testing

Standard Urine Testing
Urine testing is an accurate and reliable way to test for drugs of abuse and can detect casual drug use that occurred within 72 hours.
Hair Testing
Hair testing provides accurate results and can detect history of drug use up to 90 days, which is a non-invasive, adulterant-resistant test for the 5 most commonly used drugs.
Alcohol Testing
Health Quest Laboratories offers laboratory-based urine/ blood tests for alcohol level detection which provides rapid, accurate and reliable results.
Specimen Validity testing
Specimen validity testing ensures the integrity of urine specimen for drug test by measuring pH, and specific gravity, ensuring that no adulterant has been added to the urine specimen
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